My Little Pony Portal for Windows Phone

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MLP Portal

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The Daily Oat (v1.2) | The Daily Oat (v2.0)
Equestria Gaming | Equestria Gaming (v1.2)
Derpy Hooves News | Derpy Hooves News (v1.2)
The Round Stable | The Round Stable (v1.2) | The Round Stable (v2.0)
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Description of all the app's functions and a informational video. MLP Portal is a feature-rich application that combines several functions and services related to My Little Pony. MLP Portal acts as a gateway, providing easy access to several prominent news and services. It's the Brony's Ultimate Tool.

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View changes to the app and plans for the future. Regular updates have been planned in advance to bring new features such as the integration of Bronyville Podcasts among others. Improvements to YouTube and Twitter to include more profiles will also be done. There's a lot planned, so take a look!

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