v2.6.0.0 - 12th March 2013 (Cert. Waiting)

  • Fixed Ponyville FM stream, which migrated
  • Massive overhaul on Music Video section, videos all changed to no watermark and optimized for streaming
  • Threw more kevlar on top of bulletproof error handling system, wasn't bulletproof enough
  • Added 360p/720p toggle for Music Video section (default and suggested 360p) [POSTPONED TO]
  • Added Alicorn Radio [POSTPONED TO]
  • Updated PonySquare, BronySquare, and iBrony images [POSTPONED TO]

Note: Pushing this out instead of fully completing it first due to complications on my end. Please report any bugs by emailing me. Terribly sorry about this.

v2.5.0.0 - 27th January 2013 (Cert. 1/2/2013 - Passed)

  • [WP7] Fixed an issue where progress bars weren't appearing
  • Updated BronyTV image
  • Updated Ponyville FM images
  • New error handling system, hopefully darn near bulletproof
  • Fixed forced desktop site loading switch for PonySquare
  • Fixed Cloudsdale's button, which was set to a different function by accident
  • Changed graphics for PonySquare
  • Added BronySquare and iBrony
  • Server Side: Updated Episode Guide

v2.4.0.0 - 15th January 2013 (Cert. 18/1/13 - Passed)

  • [WP8] Removed old Radio coding
  • Improved error handling for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Episode Guide pages
  • Touchy-touch-touch! Buttons now have a responsive tilt effect
  • Changed links for Everfree Network and Fillydelphia Radio, which migrated
  • Updated images for Fillydelphia Radio
  • Press and hold "now playing" buttons to copy the title of the current playing song
  • Fixed a bug in the in-app-browsers where pressing Back in the AppBar before the first page loads crashes the app
  • Fixed a bug in the in-app-browsers where opening a page in IE before the first page loads crashes the app
  • Fixed a bug in the radio streaming system where an app crash would spawn the mother of all bugs
  • Fixed a bug in the radio "now playing" page where fetching data with a bad Internet connection would crash the app
  • Fixed a bug in the radio "now playing" page where the background would stall if the page is visited via the App Bar
  • Server Side: Fixed "Raise This Barn"'s video playback, which was corrupted
Note: Wow, the error reporting system actually does work!

v2.3.0.0 - 8th January 2013 (Cert. 12/1/13 - Passed)

  • [WP7] Upgraded Bits-Per-Pixels from 16 to 32
  • [WP8] Fixed Progress Bars not appearing
  • [WP8] Large Tile Support
  • [WP8] COMPLETE AND TOTAL REVAMP of SHOUTcast/Icecast Station streaming, all SHOUTcast/Icecast Stations will no longer glitch
    Unfortunately this broke fast Radio page resume from Volume Control
  • [WP8] Also OMG, every station now shows the Now Playing track in the Volume Control and Lock Screen!
  • Added "Discord's Domain" to News and RSS Feeds, and "For Glorious Equestria" to Others, Non-English
  • Changed the way System Tray works on some pages (e.g. Radio, Music, Twitter), so that it always shows up nicely
  • GUI changes: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Music, Radio
  • Fixed Ponyville FM, Luna Radio and Fillydelphia Radio Playlist Fetching (Thanks for putting the data all into 1 JSON)
  • Changed the way the current song is fetched from Everypony Radio
  • Fixed Luna Radio Stream, which migrated
  • Replaced iBrony Radio with Ponyville FM, re-enabled station
  • Fixed an issue where changing a radio stream from one to another resulted in nothing working
  • Added an experimental error reporting system
  • Server Side: Updated Episode Listings
  • Note: Okay, I tried my best, I really did, but I couldn't port the new radio streaming code I did for WP8 to WP7, so WP8 users will have a better radio experience compared to WP7 users, sorry about that. I will continue to look into this

v2.2.0.0 - 24th December 2012 (Cert. 1/1/13 - Passed)

  • WP8 Version released, replaces WP7 version on WP8 devices. WP8 version has smoother and faster GUI, among other improvements
  • Fixed Everfree Radio's stream and playlist which migrated
  • Disabled iBrony Radio while waiting for their migration to Ponyville Live to complete
  • Song Listings: Added "Raise This Barn"
  • Server Side: Updated Episode Listings
  • Various code optimizations

v2.1.5.0 - 6th December 2012 (Cert. 11/12/12 - Passed)

  • Changed System Tray setting's default to OFF. You may enable it from the app's Settings, but I think it looks better off especially for Windows Phone 8 devices
  • Fixed a minor issue which was causing Radio to crash for some
  • Changed Progress Bar technology, now works smoother and outside System Tray
  • Added Progress Bar to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to indicate loading
  • GUI edits to Bronyville Podcast
  • Code optimization for speed

v2.1.0.0 - 23th November 2012 (Cert. 30/11/12 - Passed)

  • NEW: Episode Guide (FINALLY)
  • Extended pinning to News and Radio
  • Pin images enchanced
  • Added a "Current Song" checker under Radio
  • Fixed Celestia Radio's stream
  • Fixed the Settings Page, which apparently derped, literally
  • Fixed how the entire app works on WP's Light Theme, which essentially blanked out all text
  • Fixed an issue with Music where the previous song in the playlist plays instead of the next
  • Song Listings: Updated Season 3 Song Names, Added "Babs Seed"
  • Updated GUI: Bronyville Podcast, Celestia Radio, Music
  • Server Side: Optimized all Music (Audio) streams, now use 1/3 the bandwidth while maintaining quality

v2.0.0.2 - 16th November 2012 (Cert. 26/11/12 - Passed)

  • Fixed one of the RSS Feeds, was pointing to my placeholder by accident. Thanks Thomas Edgar for notifying me!
  • Fixed a video feed for "MLP Theme (Extended), which was pointing to a video of "Raindow Dash and Fluttershy looking for the perfect pet". Thanks Dariana Perez for notifying me!
  • Added "The Failure Song (Reprise)" to list of Season 3 Music

v2.0.0.1 - 15th November 2012 (Cert. 21/11/12 - Passed)

  • Ack! Fixed a HUGE GUI error in Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages. No idea how I missed that

v2.0.0.0 - 12th November 2012 (Cert. 14/11/12 - Passed)

  • Rebuilt from scratch
    • GUI Overhaul: Entire app simplified, FAR less navigation, closer follows Windows design principles
    • Tiles: Technology changed, now align beautifully
    • Code: Optimized, more than 20% faster
    • Integrated into Music+Videos Hub, resumes Music/Radio pages when clicked
  • Main Page
    • Music, Radio and Cloudsdale Tiles updated
    • Background quality improved
    • About Information (including Credits and new Changelog) pushed to AppBar, appears in beautiful pivot with cute pony
    • Some prominent tiles can now be pinned to Start
    • NEW: Others segment for non-mobile, Flash, and non-English websites
    • NEW: Added a RSS Mode (under protest)
  • Music
    • All music now appear in ONE pivot page
    • Season 3 added
    • Added a Progress Bar to indicate if a track is buffering
  • Radio
    • NEW: iBrony, Everypony, Luna, and Fillydelphia Radio
    • All radio stations now appear in ONE pivot page
    • Links to station websites, playlists, Twitter, and Facebook added
    • Stupid Seek buttons in Volume Control disabled
    • Added a Progress Bar to indicate connecting to stations
  • Twitter/Facebook/YouTube
    • Entire system revamped, now pulls a list of accounts, displays and links to infinity times more channels and pages than before and can be updated from my server
  • Browsers
    • Major stability fixes
    • Added a Progress Bar to indicate if a page is still loading
  • Settings (NEW)
    • Added an option to hide System Tray while in app
    • Added an option to try and force desktop site instead of mobile site for websites
Note: Ohey, looks like I won't be dropping support for WP7 after all.

v1.3.5.1 - 4th October 2012 (Cert. 13/10/12 - Passed)

  • The really really minor "I broke something" Update
Note: You know what, I might just be able to have it run off WP7 AND WP8. I'll continue looking into backward compatibility when I find time to actually start.

v1.3.5 - 15th September 2012 (Cert. 20/09/12 - Passed)

  • Minor optimizations
  • Song list updated with Season 3 tracks, classed under "Others" for now
Note: This project is being scrapped, the last update for WP7 will be coming soon. I will be continuing this on WP8 and Windows 8, where the app will be far better. Don't worry, the last update for WP7 will still make the app 20% cooler!

v1.3 - 5th August 2012 (Cert. 17/08/12 - Passed)

  • Ringtones for Windows Phone 7 (Separate App)
  • GUI changes
  • Improved speed while navigating

v1.2 - 25th June 2012 (Cert. 30/06/12 - Passed)

  • Added FiMFiction.net, grouped FiMFiction.net and FanFiction.net tiles and changed the Fan Fiction tile in the Portal
  • The Daily Oat and The Round Stable now open within the app instead of Internet Explorer, regardless of the lack of a mobile site
  • Finally, working Radio
  • Added Bronyville Podcast
  • Edits to In-App-Browser: Favorites
  • In-App-Browser: Share
  • In-App-Browser: PonySquare/Cloudsdale additional buttons
  • In-App-Browser: Hardware Back button now pops an exit confirmation
  • Music Page: Yay Button, Eeyup
  • Facebook Integration
  • GUI changes
  • Reorganized Portal
  • Several SEVERAL bug-fixes

v1.1 - 14th June 2012 (Cert. 20/06/12 - Passed)

  • The NEW Initial Release
  • Added PonySquare
  • In-App-Browsers: Upsized, Back, Refresh, Open in IE, Favorites functionalities
  • GUI changes

v1.0 - 8th June 2012 (Cert. 14/06/12 - Failed)

  • Initial Release
Note: Failed WP7 Marketplace certification due to a UI error (Technical Certification 5.5.2)

Suggestion Submitted By Date Status Version
iOS/Android Port ¹ RoC 4th June 2012 Rejected X
Watch Episodes ² RoC 4th June 2012 Rejected X
WP8: Calendar RoC 24th December 2012 Planned N/A
WP8: Lenses RoC 24th December 2012 Planned N/A
WP8: Lock Screen Customization RoC 24th December 2012 Planned N/A
WP8: Large Tile Cycle RoC 9th January 2013 Planned N/A
eqbeats Integration RoC 14th January 2013 Planned N/A

¹ The idea of this app is for me to use, and since my primary platform is Windows, WP and Windows 8 only, sorry
² Keeping it legal