v2.2.0.0 - 16th February 2013 (Cert. 17/2/13 - Passed)

  • Added remainder of Season 3 songs from finale
  • Added Alicorn Radio to list of radio stations
  • Media Control now displays currently playing track and image for Music playback
  • Media Control now displays currently playing track artist and title, image, and station for Radio playback
  • Changed Semantic Zoom images for the Main Page
  • Fixed Ponyville FM's stream, which migrated
  • Video Streams for Music section completely revamped, no watermarks, Season 1 and Others now in True HD, glitch proof
  • Added a toggle to switch between 720p and 360p video quality
  • Added a toggle to switch between 128/192kbps Radio streams and 64/80kbps streams for Radio stations that support it
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the hardware Stop button while playing a video fails to remove the media border
  • Fixed FiMFiction button not appearing (man, how did this happen!)

v2.1.0.0 - 16th January 2013 (Cert. 16/1/13 - Passed)

  • Fixed an issue where Media Control buttons fail to work with the Radio stations
  • Fixed an issue where Pause events stop the media playback instead on the Music page
  • Fixed an issue where Luna Radio's Current Song dialog referred to Ponyville FM instead
  • Fixed an issue with the Preferences window where Toggle Switches were being hideous
  • Added FiMChan, Ponychan, BronyTV, and BronyState to webpages list (nearly on par with Windows Phone now)
  • Grouped Ponyville FM with its partners (Luna and Fillydelphia Radio)
  • Updated some images
  • Improved error handling
  • Removed all unnecessary coding from the merge with Windows Phone code
  • Changed the name of the app from "MLP Portal Music" to "My Little Pony Portal"
  • Clicking group headers now toggles Semantic Zoom
  • Server Side: Fixed "Raise This Barn"'s video playback, which was corrupted

v2.0.0.0 - 15th January 2013 (Cert. 15/01/13 - Passed)

  • Out of beta (MLP Portal Music)
  • Actual initial release

v1.0.0.0 - 23rd September 2012 (Cert. 14/06/12 - Passed)

  • Initial Release - Beta "MLP Portal Music"

Suggestion Submitted By Date Status Version
iOS/Android Port ¹ RoC 4th June 2012 Rejected X
Watch Episodes ² RoC 4th June 2012 Rejected X

¹ The idea of this app is for me to use, and since my primary platform is Windows, WP and Windows 8 only, sorry
² Keeping it legal